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Updated: Jan 19, 2023

I will always paint what I am drawn to in that moment of time. As many people know who follow my Art I do not have a specific identifiable style, but I have learnt that this is okay! I have always painted for the love of painting, for the happiness it brings me, and as a sounding board for emotions. I have never tried to create a specific style that will get me world recognition. When people appreciate or buy my Artwork, it’s a blessing like no other. you can guarantee whatever I do create has been made with complete soul and passion.

The idea for this piece I am currently working on came from me scrolling on Pinterest at looking at photography. I found the female for this painting as a real life photograph by an unknown photographer. I loved the pose, and how her hair flowed. It was a very natural photo so I have decided to put my own twist on this pretty lady and give her some soft multi coloured locks.

I have incorporated moons into many of my paintings as I have always felt a strong affinity and pull to the moon. The idea of a moon Goddess really ignited creativity in me.

I am really looking forward to adding some metallic accents to this piece to really make it shine. All of my Giclée prints that contain metallic areas are hand embellished for that extra wow factor

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