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Figurative Art

Figurative Artwork

I have always been fascinated with the human body. The fact we all come in such different shapes and sizes, the differences in us all that make us unique.

When I started painting I would look at the different shapes different bodies cast as outlines, the way different poses created wonderful shapes.

I love bold colours and have experimented with many different colour palettes in my nude paintings. Using certain colours to highlight or shade a part of the body can bring a piece to life however abstract it may be.

I like to add emotion into all of my paintings, and each figurative piece I've created has its own back story. As someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety a lot of my nude work is about freedom. Feeling comfortable in your own skin, embracing your body as the vessel of life itself, and depicting the statement of 'being alive'

I have been asked many times that as women do I not feel like my art is sexualising the human body. I respect everyone's opinions, but this is also a statement that annoys me. Bodies of course have been sexualised in the media for years. There is a whole empire and business made from it. My intention is not this. I believe every body is a work of art in itself. A momentous machine that is capable of such wonders as self healing, birthing, growing, and carrying us though life each day.

A lot of the time someone's mind or state is not seen to be connected to their physique. I want to show emotion and feeling in every figurative painting I create. I want to close the gap on the mind and the body, and show the beauty of a person in every aspect possible.

Bodies are not something to be ashamed of. They are not objects for sexual gratification. They are not something that defines us. We all have one, and we should all be proud. All bodies are beautiful and should be celebrated.

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